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Alrose Massive Italian Empoli Green Glass Decanter/Bottle

Product Number: WS10591   

Here is a wonderful massive 1950/60's Italian bulbous glass decanter/gurgle bottle, made in the Italian region of Empoli. This piece is attributed to Alrose in the book "Italian Glass" by Leslie Pina, on page 117. Consists of three tapering bulbous sections of green glass with spiralling white stripes. Has a large fluted Lattimo (white) stopper. Please note - the stopper is a loose fit as is normal for these items, and as such any liquid contents would evaporate over time. Therefore this is sold as a decorative item only. At some point someone has added a piece of brown paper to give the stopper a more snug fit, and I have included this.

Measures approx 22 inches tall by 5.75 inches in diameter at widest point.

Excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

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Alrose Massive Italian Empoli Green Glass Decanter/Bottle
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