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Whitefriars/Baxter Tangerine Glass Drunken Bricklayer Vase

Product Number: WS10351   

A beautiful tangerine orange & clear glass "Drunken Bricklayer" vase, from the textured range designed by Geoffrey Baxter for the renowned British firm Whitefriars, pattern number 9673. Reference: [click here]. This is the genuine article and not one of the many fakes that you can find on Ebay these days. Read [this guide] for how to tell between genuine and fake bricklayers.  

Measures approx 8.75 inches tall by 3.5 inches in diameter at widest point.

Has two really tiny nicks to one corner of the base, and a tiny black speck from the manufacturing process, just below the top rim. All shown in final 2 pictures.

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Whitefriars/Baxter Tangerine Glass Drunken Bricklayer Vase
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