Whitefriars 1974 British Glass Catalogue - Page 45

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Shown below are catalogue pages from a 1974 Whitefriars British glass catalogue.

I originally downloaded these catalogue pages from the whitefriars.com site in 2012, for personal use only. The site has long since been taken down, and I've no idea who was the original owner of these catalogues, or who made the scans. It would be devastating if these important catalogues were "lost to time", and I hope the original owners will not mind me sharing these pages here. I would love to give credit where it is due, so if anyone knows who originally kindly made these catalogues available, please let me know, and I'll credit their name here. Also, if the original owners read this and object to these pages being shown here, please let me know, with proof of ownership if possible, and I will of course take them down.

Other sources: Link (some differences and extra pages).

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