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This section of the encyclopaedia is for miscellaneous & unidentified glass. Some of these items we have no idea about, others we might have a good idea who the maker could be, but are not 100% sure. Some we may be able to identify, but don't yet have their own section in our encyclopaedia. If anyone out there can confirm the manufacturer of any of the unidentified items, please let us know, then we can move them to the relevant section of the encyclopedia.

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Val St-Lambert Belgian Pink Glass Vase - Signed + Label

A Belgian pink and clear glass vase. Made by Val St-Lambert, signed and labelled.

Val St-Lambert Belgium Cranberry Pink Glass Bowl - Signed

A Belgian pink and clear glass bowl. Made by Val St-Lambert, signed.

IVIMA Portugese Green, Black, White & Blue Cased Glass Geode Bowl

A Portugese green, black, white and blue glass geode bowl. Made by the IVIMA glass factory.

Czech Textured Green Cased Glass Sculpture Bowl

A Czech / Murano style green and clear glass bowl / ashtray.

Large British / Stourbridge? Vintage Rainbow Glass Bowl

A high quality blue, green and pink rainbow patterned bowl.

French Blue Glass Vase - Signed 'France Gellows UR 63'

A French blue mottled glass vase with applied clear prunts. Signed "France Gellows UR 63".

Wedgwood / Gullaskruf / Unknown? Blue Glass Candlestick Holder

A blue glass candlestick holder, similar in style to Wedgwood of England and Gullaskruf of Sweden.

Large Green Blown Glass 'Grape' Vase - Italian?

A large green mold blown glass vase with grapes pattern. Possibly Italian.

Czech or Murano 1950's Green Glass Bullicante Bowl

A Czech / Murano style green and pink glass bowl / ashtray with controlled bubbles effect.

Unusual Blue Glass Organic Sculpture Bowl / Ashtray

An unusual organic blue glass bowl / ashtray.

Thai Murano Style Purple & Blue Sommerso Glass Stem Vase

A Murano style purple, blue and clear sommerso glass vase. Can be found with a label that reads "Handmade in Thailand for Habitat".

Czech? Blue + Green Cased Glass Tortoise Paperweight

A blue and purple glass tortoise sculpture.

Sudety Polish Orange & Yellow Glass Vase by Zbigniew Horbowy

An orange and yellow glass "Amberina" vase. Made by Polish factory Sudety, designed by Zbigniew Horbowy.

Krosno/Jaffe Rose Polish Green Glass Jug - Labelled

A Polish green and clear glass jug. Made by Krosno, labelled, also has a Jaffe Rose import label.

Zabkowice Polish Amber Pleated Glass Vase by Jan Sylwester Drost

A Polish amber pressed glass vase. Made by the Zabkowice factory, designed by Jan Sylwester Drost.

Zabkowice Polish Blue Glass 'Harfa' Vase by Eryka Trzewik Drost

A Polish blue pressed glass 'Harfa' vase. Made by the Zabkowice factory, designed by Eryka Trzewik Drost.

Istvan Komaromy / Bimini Style Purple Glass Ballerina Lady

A purple, white and clear lampworked glass dancing ballerina figurine. I am unsure of the maker, but it is in the style of work by Istvan Komaromy and Bimini.

Selezione IVV Italian Textured Orange Glass Bark Tumblers

An orange and clear bark textured glass tumbler. Made in Italy, probably by Selezione IVV. Often mistaken for Whitefriars.

Selezione IVV Set of 4 Italian Textured Glass Bark Tumblers

A set of four bark textured glass tumblers in orange, blue, green and clear. Made in Italy, probably by Selezione IVV. Often mistaken for Whitefriars.

LABELLED Cris-Daum Murano Style Purple Glass Sculpture Bowl

A Murano style purple glass sculpture. Labelled "Cris-Daum".

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