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This section of the encyclopaedia is for "other" glass paperweights. Some of these paperweights we have no idea about, others we might have a good idea who the maker could be, but are not 100% sure. Some we may be able to identify, but don't yet have their own dedicated paperweight section in our encyclopaedia. If anyone out there can confirm the manufacturer of any of the unidentified paperweights, please let us know, then we can move them to the relevant section of the encyclopaedia.

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Venini Signed Murano Sommerso Glass Cube Block Paperweight

A black, amber and clear Murano glass cubed paperweight. Made by Venini, signed to base.

AVeM Murano 1950's Zanfirico + Aventurine Glass Paperweight

A multicoloured Murano glass paperweight. Attributed to AVeM, unmarked.

Murano Millefiori Murrine Canes Glass Paperweight

A multicoloured millefiori glass paperweight. Probably Italian / Murano.

Murano Style Purple & Amber Sommerso Glass Teardrop Paperweight

A purple, amber and clear Murano style sommerso glass teardrop paperweight. Possibly made in China.

Green, Orange, Black & White Mottled Glass Teardrop Paperweight

A multicoloured glass teardrop paperweight. Origin unknown, possibly made in China.

Royal Brierley Glass Paperweight Signed Jill Devine

A British yellow, brown and pink glass paperweight. Made by The Foundry, based at the Royal Brierley factory, designed by Jill Devine, signed.

Kerry Glass Green/Black Paperweight/Paper Weight Label

A green and black glass paperweight. Made in Ireland by Kerry Glass, labelled.

Isle of Wight Studio/Michael Harris Kyoto Glass Paperweight

A British sandy, pink and green egg shaped glass paperweight. Made by Isle of Wight Studio.

Whitefriars #9308 Ruby Red Glass Controlled Bubble Paperweight

A British ruby red glass paperweight with controlled bubble pattern. Made by Whitefriars, pattern number 9308.

Webb Corbett Vaseline/Uranium Glass Spider Web Paperweight

A British uranium yellow green glass Spider Web paperweight. Made by Webb Corbett, labelled.

Langham Blue + White Glass Paperweight/Paper Weight

A British blue and white glass paperweight. Made by Langham, marked.

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