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V. Nason & C.

V. Nason & C. glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable Venetian glassware by V. Nason & C. of Murano, Venice, Italy.

Vincenzo Nason established his glassworks, Vincenzo Nason & Cie (VNC) on the island of Murano, Venice, Italy in 1967, after having previously worked at Venini. The name was changed to V. Nason & C. in 1989. The company is believed to have closed sometime around 2001. V Nason & C are probably best known for their 'Avventurina' range, black glass filled with copper aventurine inclusions. They also produced many sculptures of animals and birds, as well as opaline glass which often bore labels reading 'Veritable Opaline de Murano' or 'Veritable Opaline de Venise', both labels included a red wax seal style 'N' for Nason.

Sources: A-Z Glass (Miller's Pocket Fact Files) by Ivo Haanstra.