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Mary Gregory Pair of Bohemian Hand Enamelled Glass Vases

Mary Gregory Pair of Bohemian Hand Enamelled Glass Vases
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Product Number: WS09065

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A beautiful paor of Bohemian green glass Mary Gregory vases with hand applied enamelled decoration. This style of glassware was made in Bohemia from the 1880's onwards.

Please note - The term 'Mary Gregory' indicates a style of glass rather than a manufacturer. It originates from the myth that a lady in USA named Mary Gregory painted scenes of children on thousands of items of glassware. It is now known that this style of glass originated from Bohemia, not America. Mary Gregory did actually live in America, and worked for the Boston and Sandwich Glass company during the 1880's, but she painted landscapes, not children. Regardless of the truth that is now known, the name has stuck, and this style of glassware is still defined as Mary Gregory glass. Several factories in Bohemia produced Mary Gregory glass during the Victorian era and later. Some European countries still make glass in the Mary Gregory style to this day.

Please note: Although these vases are obviously too small to hold a bunch of flowers, they are still classed as a vase. Small vases like this were often used to hold flowerheads, or miniature "sweetpea" flowers, or simply used as decorative ornaments.  


Measure approx 5 inches tall by 1.75 inches in diameter at widest point.


Both have a few nicks to the top rims, shown in final pictures.

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