Viartec Murano Style Selenium Red & Orange Spanish Glass Sculpture

Viartec Murano Style Selenium Red & Orange Spanish Glass Sculpture
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Product Number: WS12637

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Here is a magnificent large 1950/60's Murano style Spanish freeform 'Selenium' glass sculpture. In a stunning combination of ruby red glass encased in orange glass. Similar to uranium glass, but far less common, Selenium glass reacts when lit with UV light by glowing a bright orange or pink colour. This does not show up that well on camera, but is a lot brighter to the naked eye (although not as bring as the glow from uranium glass). A metalloid element, Selenium (Se) resembles sulphur, and is used in the production of glass to remove the green tinge and to make ruby-coloured glass.

Made by Viartec THF. Multiple examples from this range can be found online with labels that read "Viartec Hand Made in Spain".


Measures approx 8.75 inches tall by 7.5 inches in diameter at widest point.


Has a few small scratches and a fleabite to one side edge, a couple of nibbles to the base rim edge, and a manufacturing air bubble which opens onto the flat ground base, all shown in final pictures.

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