AVEM Murano Silver Leaf Cream, White & Red Glass Bowl

AVEM Murano Silver Leaf Cream, White & Red Glass Bowl
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A 1950/60's Venetian freeform glass bowl/ashtray, made on the island of Murano, near Venice, Italy. Most likely made by AVEM (Arte Vetraria Muranese), a clam shaped bowl in the same style is shown in the book "AVEM: Arte Vetreria Muranese Artistic Production 1932-1972" by Marc Heiremans (page 217). Consists of cream, white and red cased glass, with silver leaf inclusions.

Please note: the plastic stand is for display purposes only and is not included.


Measures approx 1.75 inches tall by 4.25 inches in diameter at widest point.


Has a crack to the inside layer, but not the outer layers, so the bowl is perfectly stable. The outer red layer has some dull rub markings where I'm assuming small chips have been ground out. In the same area there are a couple of small nick still visible. All shown in final pictures.

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