Davidson Primrose Pearline Glass 8.25" 'William & Mary' Bowl

Davidson Primrose Pearline Glass 8.25\" \'William & Mary\' Bowl
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Product Number: WS08850

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A wonderful Victorian yellow glass bowl with white pearline rim. Made by British company Davidson around 1900, part of their Primrose Pearline range (design registration number 413701). This pattern is known as 'William and Mary' by American collectors. Made in vaseline/uranium yellow glass, which glows bright green in UV light!

Please note: the plastic stand is for display purposes only and is not included.


Measures approx 1.75 inches tall by 8.25 inches in diameter at widest point.


There are a couple of manufacturing "straw marks" as usual with these items, and also what seems to be a tiny fracture in the glass near the rim, which doesn't quite run through the full thickness of the glass like a crack normally would. Shown in final picture.

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