Istvan Komaromy 1950's Figural Blue Glass Stag Sculpture

Istvan Komaromy 1950\'s Figural Blue Glass Stag Sculpture
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This is a magnificent blue + black lampworked glass stag sculpture with wooden half sphere base. Made by Istvan Komaromy, who began his career as a glass artist in Germany in the 1920's, later moving to Britain in the 1930's and continuing his work there, after visiting in 1935 as a celebrity glass artist. Istvan produced all his work himself without the use of assistants, and production continued until the 1970's. Istvan is well known for his figural sculptures of dancing ladies, stags, deers, and horses.

According to the excellent book London Lampworkers: Your Guide to Pirelli, Bimini, and Kormaromy Glass by Angela Bowey: "Some of Komaromy's earliest stags and deer were balanced on half spheres made of wood, and his earliest groups were on rectangular wooden plinths. Later he used square and rectangular marble plinths."Also I would like to thank Istvan's daughter Christine, who very kindly contacted me to say that this design was made by her Father during the early to mid 1950's.


Measures approx 6.5 inches tall by 2.75 inches in diameter at widest point.


Excellent condition, no chips or cracks. If you look very closely at the base a very tiny amount of glue is visible where the small black glass sphere is attached to the wooden half sphere. This is perfectly normal for these pieces.

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