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Marcolin / FM Konstglas Fumato Glass Bird - Signed + Labelled

Marcolin / FM Konstglas Fumato Glass Bird - Signed + Labelled
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Product Number: WS08876

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A stunning Scandinavian full lead crystal glass bird sculpture. Made by Marcolin Art Crystal (formerly FM Konstglas) of Ronneby, Sweden. Still bears the original factory label, and is signed to base "Marcolin, Sweden, B52". Designed by Benito Marcolin, pattern number B52. Benito and his brother Josef founded FM Konstglas in 1961. The feathered bubble effect is usually referred to as "Sfumato", which in glass terms means a gradual change of shade, however it has recently been discovered that the correct term would be "Fumato", which means "smoked", a technique which involves exposing the glass to smoke from a fire, to give the glass a smoky colour by picking up particles of unburnt ember and ash from the smoke. This has been confirmed on a Swedish glass forum [here], where a glassblower who worked for FM Konstglas/Marcolin, described the technique they used, involving smoke, to create this effect.


Measures approx 2.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches in diameter at widest point.


Excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

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