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Ferro Italarts

Ferro Italarts glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable Venetian glassware by Ferro Italarts of Murano, Venice, Italy.

The small amount of information I have been able to find online about Ferro Italarts (founded by Giulio and Luciano Ferro after leaving AVEM), has turned out to be incorrect, as according to the AVEM book, Luciano died in 1972 while still working at AVEM, and Giulio left AVEM in 1976 to form L'Anfora. I haven't been able to find out any more information about this company, it may even have been a shop / retailer rather than a factory. The glassware found with Ferro Italarts labels closely resemble work by the AVEM and Galliano Ferro factories, so clearly there is a link somewhere, we just have to find it!
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