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L Nason

L Nason glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable Venetian glassware from L Nason of Murano, Venice, Italy.

It is unclear for now if L Nason was a glass factory, brand, or retailer/shop. There was a factory named Lino Nason in existence during the 1930's - 40's, but much of the glass found with these labels seems to have been made later, and I couldn't find any information about when the factory closed. It is also mentioned online that the name/brand Lino Nason was used by Ermanno Nason, in collaboration with artist Lino Perone, during the 1970's / 80's [link]. However, based on the type of glass that has been found with this label, some including myself now believe that L Nason was most likely a retailer, that sold glass made by several Murano factories. By gatherning as many labelled examples as we can find here, it is hoped that we can solve this mystery. If anyone has a piece of Murano glass that bares this L Nason label, please email me, I would love to feature your glass here.