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AVEM glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable Venetian glassware by AVEM of Murano, Venice, Italy.

Arte Vetraria Muranese, or AVEM (A.Ve.M.) for short, was founded in 1932, by several glassblowers - Antonio Luigi Ferro, his son Egidio Ferro, Emilio Nason, and Galliano Ferro. Giulio Radi was technical director. Some early designs were created by the renowned painter Vittori Zecchin.

AVEM are probably best know today for their very popular and long running Bizantino series, known more commonly by collectors as "tutti-frutti", a range of ashtrays, bowls and vases that was introduced in 1953 by an unknown designer. The Bizantino range is often wrongly attributed to designer Dino Martens, who never actually worked for AVEM, due to a mistake in a popular book on Murano glass.