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Gullaskruf glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable glassware by Gullaskruf of Sweden.

The history of Gullaskruf Glasbruk begins in 1893 when construction of the factory started, in the town of Gullaskruf (now called Gullaskruv) in Sweden. Building was completed in 1895, and the original name of the factory was Willköls Glashytta (glass foundry). Production began with beer bottles, soon moving on to window glass, with the name changing to Gullaskruf Glasbruk before the end of 1895. This link shows the cover of an old price list from 1895, with the name "Gullaskruf" already in use. The company closed in 1922 due to fierce competition from overseas, and reopened in 1927 under the name Gullaskrufs Glasbruk (note the added "s") when it was bought by William Stenberg. Designers at the factory included Hugo Gehlin, Arthur Percy, Lennart Andersson and Kjell Blomberg. In Autumn of 1977, Orrefors rented Gullaskrufs Glasbruk, and bought the company in January 1978. The factory was closed by Orrefors on 30th September 1983. It was reopened briefly in 1990 until closing again in 1995.