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Strömberg glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable glassware by Strömberg of Sweden.

The Strömberg factory was founded in Sweden in 1876 as Lindfors. It was bought by Edward Strömberg in 1933, who previously ran Orrefors and later Eda glassworks. The name was changed to Strömbergshyttan ("Strömberg's cabin" or "hut"). Edward worked with his wife Gerda Strömberg (a designer), and other workers who followed them from Eda, including Knut Bergqvist, who became the master glassblower at Strömberg from 1933 - 1955. Also at the factory was Edward & Gerda's son, Eric Strömberg, who took over the company when Edward died in 1945, with his wife Asta as designer. Asta took over when Eric died in 1960. Other designers were Gunnar Nylund (1952 - 1975), and Rune Strand in the 1960's. The company was bought by Orrefors in 1976, and closed in 1979. It should be noted that Studioglas Strömbergshyttan is an unrelated factory, that was set up in 1987.

Strömberg glass is usually signed, with either "Strömbergshyttan", "Strömberg" or sometimes "S-hyttan", along with a letter and number code. The letter indicates the item type, eg B for blomglas (vases), and the number is the model number. A full list of letter codes can be found in the catalogues.

Sources: Scandinavian Glass 1930-2000: Fire & Sea by Leslie Pina.