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Kralik glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable glassware by Kralik of Czechoslovakia.

The Kralik glassworks, full name Wilhelm Kralik Sohne, was originally founded by Josef Meyr in 1815, in Bohemia. The factory was originally called Adolfshutte. When Josef died, his son Jan took over the company. By this time, the company owned 4 glass factories. Jan died in 1841, and his two nephews Josef Taschek and Wilhelm Kralik became the owners. The company name was changed to J. Meyr's Neffen, and when Josef died in 1862, the name changed to J. Meyr's Neffe. Wilhelm Kralik died in 1877, and left the company to his 4 sons. The company was split in two - Heinrich + Johann took the name Wilhelm Kralik Sohne, Hugo + Karl used the name Meyr's Neffe. Meyr's Neffe merged with Moser in 1922. Wilhelm Kralik Sohne continued to produce glassware until World War II.