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Moser glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable glassware by Moser of Czechoslovakia.

In 1857, Ludwig Moser founded an engraving + decorating studio in Karlsbad, Bohemia. An experienced engraver, Ludwig Moser was licensed to decorate and sell glassware, but not yet to produce his own glass, so at first, he decorated blanks supplied by other factories, including Loetz, Kralik, Harrach, and Meyr's Neffe. Moser was able to build his own glassworks in 1892, and the company name was changed to Ludwig Moser & Sons, as three of his sons, Gustov, Leo and Richard Moser, became more involved. Moser soon became famous for its exquisite engraved + enamelled designs, as well as its high quality soda-potash glass, which rivalled lead crystal. Rudolph Moser became director in 1901, followed by Leo Moser in 1908 after Rudolph passed away. In 1916 Richard Moser became commercial director, with Leo as artistic director. Moser acquired the Meyr's Neffe glassworks in 1922 and became Karlovy Vary Crystal Glassworks Ludwig Moser & Sons and Meyr's Neffe Ltd. The Meyr's Neffe factory was closed in the 1930's due to financial difficulties, and the name became again Ludwig Moser & Sons.

The Moser company was nationalized in 1948, and from 1950 became known as Karlovarske Sklo National Corporation. Moser was merged with the Mstisov glassworks in 1962 after both factories became part of Borske Sklo in the mid to late 1950's, however production and staff from Mstisov was moved to Moser in 1964 after Mstisov was closed. Borske Sklo became part of Crystalex in 1974. Moser was given independence from Crystalex in 1988 and became Sklarna Moser, then Moser a.s. in 1991. The Moser factory is still in production today.

Sources: 20th Century Factory Glass by Lesley Jackson.
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