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Crystalex glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable glassware by Crystalex of Czechoslovakia.

Crystalex was a Czech National umbrella corporation created in 1974, and consisted of five branches, each of which were made up of several Czech glassworks. The branches were: Crystalex Branch Corporation, Sklarny Bohemia, Karlovarske Sklo, Cesky Kristal, and Moravske Sklarny. The Crystalex Branch Corporation was mainly composed of the glassworks that formed a previous National Corporation, Borske Sklo. These included Egermann, Exbor, Chribska, and Mstisov. Sklarny Bohemia was originally formed in 1965 and was made up of 5 lead crystal factories. Karlovarske Sklo was the name given to Moser between 1950 - 1988. Cesky Kristal was founded by C Stolzle & Sohne in 1891, later becoming part of the Cesky Kristal National Corporation. Moravske Slarny was formed in 1961 and consisted of three glassworks: Kvetna, Karolinka and Vrbno. Crystalex was privatised in 1997 and is now known as Crystalex Co. Ltd.

Sources: 20th Century Factory Glass by Lesley Jackson.

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