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Mdina glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable Maltese glassware by Mdina.

Mdina Glass was founded in the Maltese town of Mdina, in 1968 by Michael Harris and Eric Dobson, a risky venture at the time as Mdina had no history of glass making. However the gamble paid off, and Mdina glass was an instant success. The company produced free formed organic glassware, often in colours inspired from the sea, sand, earth and sky, which proved very popular with tourists in Malta. Vicente Boffo and his son Ettore joined in 1969, having previously worked at Whitefriars. Two other workers at the factory were brothers Joseph Said and Paul Said, who started as trainees. In 1972 Michael left Mdina, and formed a new company, Isle of Wight Studio Glass, on the Isle of Wight in the UK, leaving Eric Dobson in charge of Mdina. Many of the designs created by Michael Harris continued to be made at Mdina Glass after he left, and new designs and patterns were added. In 1981, Paul Said left to form Mtarfa Glass, also in Malta. Eric Dobson sold the Mdina factory to Joseph Said, who was Michael's most skilled apprentice, in 1985. From the mid 1990's, Joesph was joined by his four children, Nevise, Olivia, Pamela and Alan, in various roles. The company is still active today.