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Langham glass - shown below is our current range of animals, paperweights and other decorative vintage collectable British glassware by Langham of England.

Langham Glass was founded in 1979 by glassmaker Paul Miller, and his wife Sue, in the village of Langham, in Rutland, England. Paul previously worked at King's Lynn / Wedgwood Glass, where he became a Master Glassmaker at the age of 21. While at Wedgwood, Paul designed many of the very popular animals and paperweights that are still highly collectable today. Production of this successful range of animals was continued at Langham, with many new designs added. Langham glass also produces other art glass including vases, candlesticks, and tableware. In 2005, the factory was moved to Tattersett Business Park, near Fakenham. Another relocation was made in 2013, to a more central area of Fakenham, where the factory still operates today.