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Slag / Malachite Glass

Slag glass, also commonly known as Malachite glass, is pressed glass made in the same way as Milk glass, but with coloured streaks to create a marble effect. Many of the same designs for milk glass were also produced in slag glass. Slag glass was made by British companies Sowerby, Davidson and Greener during the Victorian era, around the 1880's/90's, and was also produced in other European countries, most notably France. Sowerby marketed their slag glass under the name 'Malachite', and this name was used for all the colours they produced, even though technically it should only apply to green, as the name comes from the marbled green mineral 'malachite'. By far the most common colour for slag glass was purple, but it was also made in blue, turquoise, green, and brown glass. Modern slag glass is still being made today in USA, and comes in a variety of colours.

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