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Pearline Glass

Pearline glass - shown below is our current range of pearline glass vases, bowls and other decorative antique Victorian collectable pearline glassware.

Pearline glass was created by British company George Davidson & Co in 1889 during the Victorian era, and similar glass was produced by other companies including Henry Greener and Burtles, Tate & Co. Pearline glass consists of pressed glass in either lemon yellow 'Primrose', clear 'Moonshine' or blue, with a white opalescent rim. Yellow pearline glass is often referred to as 'Vaseline glass' due to it's similar colour to pertroleum jelly. The bright yellow colour is created by adding uranium oxide to the glass mixture. This also results in the glass glowing a bright green under ultraviolet (UV) light, a fact which has made pearline glass even more popular with collectors.

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