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Custard Glass

Custard glass - shown below is our current range of Custard glass vases, bowls and other decorative antique Victorian collectable glassware.

Custard glass is a Victorian era opaque, off white or ivory coloured glass, that uses uranium oxide in the glass mixture to give a slight green or yellow tint. As a result of the uranium, custard glass glows a bright green colour when exposed to UV light. Custard glass was often decorated with applied flowers, leaves, and fruit, and sometimes had an extra layer or casing of coloured glass, usually pink, but blue and other colours can also be found. This extra casing can be on the inside (most common) or the outside. Manufacturers of custard glass include Stevens & Williams and Boulton & Mills, from the Stourbridge area of England, Czech/Bohemian maker Harrach, and also some American factories. Identification between these factories is difficult, and there are many mixed opinions to be found online.