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Satin & Air Trap Glass

Satin & Air Trap glass - shown below is our current range of Satin & Air Trap glass vases, bowls and other decorative antique Victorian collectable glassware.

Satin Glass was very popular during the Victorian era. The glass was dipped in acid to give a dull, silky, matt finish. This was then either left blank, or decorated with enamelled designs, or sometimes coupled with an Air Trap design, such as diamond quilting or herringbone. Satin glass was made by glass manufacturers from the Stourbridge area of England, such as Thomas Webb. Glass factories in America, including Mount Washington, as well as Czech/Bohemian glassworks, have also made glassware in this style. There were also some reproductions of air trap satin glass from Italy during the 1970's. These were of a lesser quality, with rough snapped off pontil marks, and a rougher feel to the glass due to the use of sand-blasting instead of acid to produce the satin finish.
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