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LABELLED FM Konstglas / Ronneby Neodymium Glass Bird

LABELLED FM Konstglas / Ronneby Neodymium Glass Bird
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Product Number: WS13619

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A stunning Scandinavian lilac/blue glass penguin paperweight.  Made by FM Konstglas of Ronneby, Sweden, unsigned, but still bears the original factory label. The lilac layer is made from neodymium glass (also known as alexandrite glass), which changes colour according to different lighting conditions.  It appears lilac in natural sunlight or yellow artificial light, and smoky blue in fluorescent/white light (see pictures). This is due to the presence of neodymium oxide (Nd²O³) in the glass.

Please note: the plastic stand is for display purposes only and is not included.


Measures approx 2.5 inches tall by 3.25 inches in diameter at widest point.


No chips or cracks, just a flattened area next to the base rim, where it looks like a chip may have been ground out, shown in final picture.

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