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Bucella Cristalli

Bucella Cristalli glass - shown below is our current range of vases, bowls and other decorative vintage collectable Venetian glassware by Bucella Cristalli of Murano, Venice, Italy.

Bucella Cristalli is a retailer on the island of Murano, Venice, Italy, that also had or has a grinding and polishing facility, which was supplied by "rough" pieces from other Murano furnaces. There is conflicting information on whether or not they at one time also had their own furnace. One reliable source says they did, another says they did not. The company is owned by Renzo Bucella. He had a partner in the business named Giovanni Battista Fort, until they went separate ways at around 1982-84. We are not sure what year the company was founded. When the Consorzio Venezia Vetro was established as a method of guaranteeing and promoting authentic Murano glass, Bucella Cristalli was assigned the Vetri Murano (VM) number code "019".

Known suppliers: Murano factories that are known to have supplied / been sold by Bucella Cristalli include - Oball, De Biasi, and Studio Cimaro.

Sources: Much of this information comes from a discussion with glass Maestro Dimitri Cimarosto, in a Facebook based Murano glass study group. Dimitri supplied Bucella with his works from 2000 - 2008.
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