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Featured Products

Müller Art Deco Blue Glass Lady Centerpiece Stand

Müller Art Deco Lady Centerpiece Bowl: £102.00

A wonderful Art Deco blue glass centerpiece bowl. Most likely made by German company Schweig, Müller & Co in the 1930's.

Arte Nuova Pustetto & Zanetti Murano Pink & Blue Sommerso Glass Vase

Arte Nuova Murano Glass Vase: £80.75

A wonderful Venetian organic sommerso glass vase, made on the island of Murano, most likely by Arte Nuova.

LABELLED Randsfjord Norwegian Glass Vase by Benny Motzfeldt

Randsfjord Vase by Benny Motzfeldt: £114.00

Made by the Norwegian firm Randsfjord, and designed by Benny Motzfeldt, labelled.

Whitefriars Glass Sunburst Vase

Whitefriars Glass Sunburst Vase: £212.50

A beautiful cinnamon & clear glass "Sunburst" vase, from the textured range designed by Geoffrey Baxter for the renowned British firm Whitefriars, pattern number 9676.

LABELLED Alsterbro Swedish Blue Cased Hooped Glass Vase

Alsterbro Blue Glass Hooped Vase: £137.75

A Swedish Alsterbro blue opal cased glass hooped vase, labelled.

Aureliano Toso / Dino Martens Mezza Filigrana Glass Vase #5701

Dino Martens Murano Glass Vase: £470.25

A very rare Murano glass "Mezza Filigrana" vase, by Aureliano Toso, designed by Dino Martens in 1954.

Murano Faceted Red & Amber Sommerso Glass Textured Bowl

Murano Faceted Sommerso Glass Bowl: £114.00

A wonderful Venetian faceted sommerso glass block bowl, made on the island of Murano.

Venini Murano Yellow & White Glass Zanfirico Bowl by Carlo Scarpa

Venini Murano Glass Bowl by Carlo Scarpa: £280.25

A 1950's Murano yellow + white zanfirico glass bowl. Made by Venini, designed by Carlo Scarpa.

RARE Walther & Sohne Art Deco Amber Glass Nude Lady 'Glasgow' Bowl

Walther & Sohne Art Deco Bowl: £221.00

A very rare Art Deco frosted amber glass semi-nude lady centerpiece bowl. Made by German company Auguste Walther & Sohne in the 1930's.

SIGNED Alsterfors/Per Strom White & Red Striped Glass Vase

SIGNED Alsterfors Red & White Glass Vase: £102.00

A red & white striped glass vase, Made by Alsterfors of Sweden in 1969, and designed by Per Olof Strom, signed to base.

Victorian Vaseline / Uranium Glass + Silver Epergne Vase

Kralik Art Nouveau Floriform Vase: £90.25

A beautiful Bohemian green + clear glass floriform vase by Kralik, from the late 19th century Art Nouveau period.

Stourbridge Pair of Victorian Ivory Uranium Glass Cherry Vases

Thomas Webb Victorian Burmese Vase: £114.00

An 1890's Victorian pink + creamy yellow Burmese glass vase, by Thomas Webb & Sons, from the Stourbridge area of England.

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